Cool YA Books Contests!
Diego's Dragon 2013 Contest!

How would you like to create the name of a published novel?

Now you can!

The contest begins today and ends September 30, 2013. Any student can enter, from 1st through 12th grade.

Your task is to create the subtitle for the third book in the Diego's Dragon series. I'll provide you with a little background, and you'll have to think of a cool phrase for the subtitle. You can enter as many subtitles as you want!

Think about the first two books, Spirits of the Sun and Dragons of the Dark Rift.

In Spirits of the Sun, Diego and Magnifico had to rescue the spirits of all the people who had perished trying to cross the desert between Mexico and America. Their spirits were trapped in the sands until Diego, riding atop Magnifico, guided them back to the sun.

In Dragons of the Dark Rift, Vipero, Magnifico's enemy, led a giant army of dragons from a place called the Dark Rift. He wanted to attack and destroy the Sol Dragones, and take command of Sol, our sun. Diego, Racquel, and the Sol Dragones fought bravely to keep the true prophecy of the Mayan calendar.

In book three, in the 16th century, the Spanish Conquistadors are sailing to the Americas to find Diego's ancestors, the Aztecs. If history repeats itself and the Aztecs are destroyed, Diego's people will suffer in the present time. If Diego, Magnifico, Racquel, Estrella, and a great number of other dragons and guides can stop the Conquistadors, they can save everyone in the present.

What do you think the subtitle of this book should be called? Think how cool it would be if you created the name!

Diego's Dragon, Book One: Spirits of the Sun
Diego's Dragon, Book Two: Dragons of the Dark Rift
Diego's Dragon, Book Three: (YOUR SUBTITLE HERE!)

Send all entries to this email address:
Put "Diego Book Three Entry" in the subject line. Make sure and tell me your name, what grade you're in, and the name of your school.

Name the Dark Lord Contest!


I'll say it again!


What an amazing group of students! I received a ton of fantasy dragons contest entries from at least a dozen states. Some made me laugh my head off, like the name "Hotsnot," sent by two students from Colorado Academy. I'm definitely saving that one for another book!

I found it very difficult to choose a winner. I've been over the entries so many times. I selected ten that I thought had to be finalists. I wish there were that many Dark Lords in the story, but alas, there is only one.

My own name for this character is Venganza, which means vengeance. I will gladly tuck that name away in favor of the winning entry. Here are the finalists:

Lord Helbringer

And the winner is - Satadon!

Congratulations to Karla Zepeda from Hillcrest Middle School in El Paso, Texas, for this fantastic and frightening entry. From this moment forward in Diego's young adults fiction second book, Dragons of the Dark Rift, the Dark Lord will be known as Satadon. Karla will receive $100 and a credit in the publishing page. Way to go, Karla!

Check out the video I made for Karla in the Diego's Videos link on this website.